UDON Features and Capabilities

Does a .blend file containing custom nodes work without UDON?

Not yet. Currently you need UDON enabled for a .blend file with custom nodes to work. You can still open such a file without UDON enabled, but the custom nodes will appear as "Undefined", with a red background, without the custom UI, and will be non-functional.

Can I export my custom nodes to share/sell to other UDON users?

Kinda, but not properly yet. You can share your library directory manually (or you can share a .blend file containing the custom nodes), but there is currently no mechanism for other people to automatically combine it with their own libraries. Functionality to properly export and import libraries (or parts thereof) automatically is planned for the next release.

Can I export my custom nodes as a standalone add-on to share/sell?

Not yet. This is a planned feature, but it will be part of a more expensive "pro" version, for node pack creators. It will allow sets of nodes to be exported as an automatically generated add-on, which makes the custom nodes available without requiring UDON to be installed.

Can you implement [insert feature]?

Chances are it's already on the roadmap! UDON is still in early stages, and a lot of features are planned/in development. But it's always good to hear what people want, so do tell, but be patient as UDON is a single developer effort.

What kind of nodes does UDON come with?

UDON does not include any new nodes. Rather, UDON enables you to easily make your own custom nodes. The limit is your imagination.

Where can I buy UDON?

UDON is available exclusively on Blender Market and Gumroad.

Getting Support

If you have any questions about how to use UDON, make sure you read the documentation first (I am just one person doing both the development and support). The documentation is very thorough, and should explain every feature in UDON.

But of course, if you still have questions, I'm happy to provide support to anyone who bought UDON:

Blender Market Customers

Log into Blender Market, go to the UDON product page, and click on the Ask a Question button in the sidebar on the right side of the page.

Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected], and include your order ID, which you can find on your Blender Market orders page.

Gumroad Customers

Send an email to [email protected], from the same email address that you used to purchase UDON.

Alternatively, you can send an email including a link to your Gumroad receipt, which you can access by clicking View Receipt on the UDON content page (the content page can be accessed from your Gumroad library, or from the email you received from Gumroad after your purchase).

Reporting Issues/Bugs

Before reporting a bug, make sure you are using the latest version of UDON (the issue might already be fixed after all), and a supported Blender version.

If your issue remains, send an email to [email protected], with a detailed description of the issue.


Make sure to include step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue, and/or a (small) .blend file that demonstrates the problem.