Property Types

Real Properties

This section lists the real property types that are currently supported by UDON. These cover most of the common uses, but more property types are planned to be supported in the future.


Screenshot of boolean example properties. A binary property representing true/false or on/off, shown as a checkbox in the UI.


Screenshot of an enum example property. A multi-option selector property, shown as a drop-down in the UI.


The available options will depend on the options present in the linked property(-ies). If the custom property is linked to multiple inner properties with different enum options, only the options that all linked properties have in common will be shown.


Screenshot of float example properties. A real number property, shown as a decimal numeric input field in the UI. The Subtype enables further control over the UI interactions for the property, and how exactly it is displayed.


Screenshot of an image example property. An image property, shown as an ID selector in the UI. The ID selector shows all the usual controls for opening, duplicating, removing, etc.

Additional Image Properties

If Display Settings is enabled (as it is by default), several additional properties of the image are shown underneath the ID selector, similarly to Blender's built-in nodes. This gives control over things such as color space, alpha mode, frame range for image sequences, etc.


The Interpolation, Projection, and Extension properties of the Image Texture node belong to the node itself, and not the image. These properties are not automatically displayed by UDON, and if you wish them to be accessible from your custom node, they must be exposed separately.


Screenshot of an integer example property. An integer number property, shown as a whole number input field in the UI.


Screenshot of pointer example properties. A property that holds a reference to an ID data-block (objects, meshes, materials, etc.), shown as a data-block selector box in the UI.


Screenshot of a string example property. A string property, shown as a text input field in the UI.


Screenshot of vector example properties. A property that holds an array of values of a certain type, shown as a list of values in the UI, or as one of several custom display types, depending on the selected Subtype (e.g. color, direction, etc.). Vector properties can hold booleans, floats, or integers.


Screenshot of the "Property List" section of the Node Kitchen, showing several real and pseudo-properties.
An example property setup

This section lists the pseudo-property types that are currently implemented by UDON.

To make navigating and managing the properties easier, pseudo-properties are displayed differently than real properties in the Properties list.

Screenshot of a custom node showing resulting UI from the properties list above.
The resulting custom node UI


Non-interactive text shown in the custom node UI. It is useful for categorising sections of the node UI, or labelling properties that are too wide to have a convenient label next to the property itself (use in combination with Hide Label).

Labels are shown with a label icon on the right, in the Properties list.


A vertical gap between properties shown in the custom node UI. It is useful for visually separating different sections of the node UI.

Separators are shown as a horizontal line in the Properties list.