UDON Terminology

Custom Node

A node created with UDON.

Custom Node UI

The UI of a custom node, which controls the node functionality. This refers specifically to the section above the input/output sockets, where the properties are shown.

Source Node Group

The node group from which a custom node originates, or a node group that is being set up to be turned into a custom node.

Inner Node

A node inside a source node group or custom node.

Inner Property

A property of an inner node.

Custom Property

An external, user defined, property of a custom node (i.e. a property that is found in the custom node UI).


A custom property that does not provide any control over the custom node, but instead only serves as a visual UI element. Currently these are Labels and Separators.

Real Property

Any custom property that is not a pseudo-property. That is, real properties are all those that are actually interactive and provide control over the custom node.

Corresponding Node

A custom node in the loaded .blend file with the same name as a custom node in the global library (or vice versa).

UI Terminology


Left mouse button.


Right mouse button.


Middle mouse button.