In the UDON preferences, you can set various options that determine the behaviour of the addon. The preferences can be accessed through Edit ⏵ Preferences... ⏵ Add-ons ⏵ UDON.

Node Kitchen

Highlight Property Nodes

If active, when selecting a custom property in the Properties list, select all nodes that are linked to this custom property.

If active, when selecting a property link in the Linked Properties list, select the node to which the link points.

Node Pantry

Hide Node Pantry While Inside Groups

If active, the Node Pantry is hidden while the editor is inside a node group.

Node Library

Library Directory

Path to the directory in which the UDON custom node library is stored.

Keep Backups

Number of backups to keep when making changes to the library, in addition to the library version currently in use. The backups allow you to restore a previous library state, in case of unintended changes. Only one backup is created per Blender session, even if the library is modified multiple times.