Known Issues

  • A bug in Blender 3.6-3.6.2 causes custom nodes not to appear in the Search menu, so they can only be added from the Add menu. A fix is being worked on for Blender's next patch release.
  • A bug in Blender 3.5 causes files with custom nodes to crash in some situations. This has been fixed in Blender 3.5.1, so it is critical to update, in order to avoid crashes when using UDON.



New Features

  • Implemented support for exposing Image properties:
    • Expose Image properties by clicking anywhere on the property UI widget (including the Open and New operators);
    • Custom Image properties are displayed with an ID selector including Open and New operators (matching native Image properties);
    • A full image UI, matching Blender's native UI, is (optionally) generated under custom Image properties, to control image parameters (color space, frame ranges, layer selection, etc.);
    • When loading image sequences with the Open operator, the frame range is automatically detected (matching the bahaviour of native Image properties);
    • Links to the main socket ("Image" or "Combined") of comp Image nodes are automatically managed, so they are preserved if the socket changes name when loading different images;
    • Many, MANY tiny details to ensure custom Image properties behave as close as possible to native Image properties across the board.
  • The default width of custom nodes (used for new instances of the node) can now be customised, and defaults to the width of the group instance being cooked;
  • Full support for Blender 3.6.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cooking being slightly slower when using nested custom nodes;
  • Fixed a rounding error that caused float properties to sometimes have a step of 0, which made it impossible to manipulate them with the mouse;
  • Fixed node links inside custom nodes disappearing in some cases.

UX Enhancements

  • For clarity, the name of the property being exposed is now shown on the "Expose to Custom Node" operator in the context menu;
  • If no properties have been exposed, the Properties box in the Node Kitchen shows a hint explaining how to expose properties;
  • A new option was added (disabled by default), to hide the Node Pantry while the editor is inside a node group, to reduce clutter,

Other Improvements

  • Optimised performance when changing property values on custom node instances (significantly reduces latency with complex node setups, especially when using many nested custom nodes);
  • Store an "udon_type" property on custom nodes (in preparation for stand-alone export capability);
  • Various code quality and architectural improvements with no user-facing changes.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mistake in version comparison code (used for checking compatibility of UDON nodes);
  • Fixed error when cooking a node with a property called "type".


Initial release.